Papers and books relating to the life and work of astronomer Charles Grover

Grover, Charles

The collection comprises 4 notebooks [1862-1908) relating to Grover’s life, his expedition to Australia and his astronomical work at Rousdon, as well as several loose sheets {1966, 1967) of handwritten astronomical observations, and a set of autobiographical notes (undated). There are also 6 books (1886-1914) from Grover’s private collection, including 2 to which he contributed (Thomas William Webb, ‘Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes’ 1894, and Herbert Hall Turner, ed., ‘Observations of Variable Stars made at the Rousdon Observatory, Lyme Regis under the direction of the late Sir C.E. Peek, Bart., M.A.’, 1904), and 2 booklets (1903-c.1909), 1 of which contains a plan of Halley’s Comet also by Grover.

There is 1 sketchbook (1882-1883) containing sketches from Grover’s 1882 expedition to Australia and 1 loose sketch (1917) of an air ship over Rousdon, in addition to press cuttings relating to Coggia’s Comet (c.1874) and to the Australia expedition [1882), 1 volume of draft letters (1897-1912] and 1 holograph letter [1906]. Further, there is 1 typescript of a speech given at a Royal Astronomical Society dinner held in Grover’s honour (1908), and a number of miscellaneous items of astronomical content.


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