Records of the British Society for International Bibliography

British Society for International Bibliography

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The collection comprises nine series in two boxes. Series 1 comprises papers, chiefly in French, relating to the Congrès Mondial de la Documentation Universelle, or World Congress of Universal Documentation [1937]. Series 2 comprises minutes and correspondence of the BSIB and Aslib joint committee [1930-1935], and includes discussion of the advantages of the UDC system. Series 3 comprises committee minutes, lists of members, annual reports and accounts of the BSIB [1927-1932] as well as an account of its work in its first year (1927-1928).

Series 4 has been divided into four subsections. 4/1 comprises correspondence relating chiefly to the formation and first year of the BSIB [1927-1930]; 4/2 comprises correspondence with the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association [1930]; 4/3 comprises correspondence with, and byelaws of, the British Engineering Standards Association, a list of government and private institutions who use Decimal Classification, a bibliography of League of Nations publications, and two French pamphlets by the Institut International de Bibliographie [1928-1929]; 4/4 comprises correspondence of the BSIB [1928-1929].

Series 5 comprises committee minutes, annual reports, accounts and correspondence of the BSIB together with a list of British societies and their publications and several circulars advertising new reprographic methods [1935-1937]. Series 6 comprises correspondence with various British societies together with a list of ‘scientific themed societies’ [1929-1930,1935]. Series 7 comprises papers and correspondence in English and French relating to the Union Internationale de la Chimie Pure et Appliquée [1922-1932]. Series 8 comprises an article entitled ‘The problems of international bibliography from the point of view of a specialised bibliography’ by Sigmund von Frauendorfer [1929], a memorandum on international abstracting and classifying of scientific and technical literature [1930], and a bulletin of the Société de Chimie Industrielle [1930]. Series 9 comprises six files of correspondence relating to the BSIB (1930-1932].


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