Dr. Colin Merritt collection relating to the genetically modified foods industry

Merritt, Colin

This collection includes 99 reports and pamphlets, plus other printed material dealing with a wide range of GM related topics, for example GM food, food safety, biotechnology, food for our future, GM Crops etc., 1996-2007; a bag of souvenir items - 11 small soft toy ladybirds with tag: "Support GM Crop Research"; 35mm slides - miscellaneous; 2 books about GM Crops and Biotechnology, science and consumer, 1997;2003; 2 ring binders of papers: Monsanto: product information, 2001; 19 video cassettes mainly of BBC and ITV programmes relating to GM, 1998-2002; 6 audio cassettes of ABC and BBC programmes and others, relating to GM and food, 1997-2003; 9 computer disks dealing with biotechnology, genes and food and biosafety; press cuttings and other papers.


3 boxes