'Radio Times' volume 119 (Coronation Edition)

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The Radio Times was first published in 1923 as a listings magazine for radio, and later television. This 'Coronation Edition' of the Radio Times was published in 1953 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The special edition included a guide to the rituals of the coronation, the music that would be played and a programme of events. A record 9 million copies of the special coronation edition of the Radio Times were sold.

Although the coronation procession of George VI had been televised in 1937, this was the first time that the full coronation ceremony had been broadcast to viewers. The broadcast of Queen Elizabeth's coronation was a huge moment in the development of television. It marked the first time in Britain that more people had watched an event on the television than listened to it on the radio. Many people bought a television especially to watch the event.


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