Letter from Jeremiah Newman to publisher J. Dodsley

Newman, Jeremiah Whitaker

Forwards manuscript of 'An Essay on the Principles and Manners of the Medical Profession with some occasional Remarks on the Use & Abuse of Medicine' with instructions as to printing; [it was published the same year].

Newman requests that copies be deposited at Stationers' Hall and at 'the Universities'.


Open Access
Beominster Jan: 4 1783

Dear Sir

I inclose an Essay which I beg you
will get printed as soon as you
possibly can; the Size and Price
of the Pamphlet, I leave to your
superior Judgement to determine.

But more than all, I
request it as a particular Fabor
of you not to neglect on any
Account whatever to have it
entered at Stationers Hall and
the Universities; though I have
often told you my Reason for
following this Formality, I will
again repeat it to anticipate
and Ideas you may have of

p. 2
of my being Puppy and Coxcomb
enough to think that there is
any Danger of my Trifles
being pyrated.

My only Motive for troubling
the Press is a Wish to gain
a little Fame, however
inadequate my attempts
may be, should Profit ac
company it you may guess
it will not be unwelcome.

Now by depositing some
of the Essays at Stationers Hall
and the Universities, they will
stand a Chance of being admitted

into some permanent Library,
which will be some Gratifica
tion to me, and I shall then be
assured that some of them
will escape the mortifying
Hands of the Trunk makers
and Pastry Cook.

So much for vanity ______
_______ You will be kind
enough to desire Mr Hughes
to read the Essay very attentive
ly, and if the Sense or
Hand-writing are any where
unintelligible, or if he
shou’d have any Doubts with

Respect to the Notes or
the disposition of the
Sentences or Paragraphs, to
communicate them to me
by letter, and I shall be
very much obliged to him.

I wou’d wish to have
the Preface on an Italic Type
larger than the Dedication
or the Work itself: such Words
also and Sentences as I have drawn
Lines under much be in Italicks.
I was thinking the notes too should
be in Italicks, but whether this
is proper or common, I cannot
say: at all Events I think

there should be a Line drawn
over each note between it and
the Substance of the Chapter.

Mr Hughes also may
alter my Manner of placing
the Asterisks, if he thinks proper,
as I have marked them in the
middle of Sentences when
perhaps it woud have been
done with more Propriety at
the End.

As soon as it is printed I should
wish to have two or three sent
to me, and also the written Copy
which I now send up.

As to the Number to be printed
I leave it totally to you, per
haps it may be right
to do as you did in respect
to the last Essay.

Is there any Probability
of the Biographica Britannica
ever being publish’d or
of getting a tolerably cheap
Edition of Bayles Dictionary.

As to advertising, you
will follow your general Plan
in that Respect, the Form of the
Advertisement I wish to be as follows

p. 7
This Day is published
An Essay on the Principles and Manners
of the Medical Profession
with some occasional Remarks on the
Use & Abuse of Medicine
By J. Whitaker Newman Member of
the Corporation of Surgeons London.,
Printed for J. Dodsley Pall Mall
where may be had by the same Author
The second Edition of an
Enquiry into the Merits of Solvents
for the Stone in the human Bladder.
If I have omitted acquaint
ting you with any further Par
ticulars which you may wish
to be informed of, please to
favour me with a line pointing

them out and I will give you
an immediate Answer, and
am wishing you many happy
returns of the new Year. Sir
your obligd & obedt. hble. Servt.

J. W. Newman