Collection of letters describing tours taken to north Wales, Scotland, Paris, north west France and Belgium

Cobb, James

Cobb, secretary to the East India Company, travelled with his wife. All the letters are addressed to 'Jack' (his brother?), John Cobb, at East India House, London. Volume 1 consists of ten or eleven letters re a trip to north Wales between Aug 3 and Sept 2 1815, and 23 letters re a trip to Scotland between Jun 22 and Aug 13 1816. These letters refer often to modes of transport, condition of roads etc, but chiefly comment on sites seen and places visited. On the second trip Cobb has to give evidence at a trial in Edinburgh. There is reference to Walter Scott, clerk of sessions.

Volume 2 consists of 13 letters re a trip to Paris, north west France and Belgium between Jul 7 and Aug 26 1817. Inserted are numerous other letters, passes and introductions. It is prefaced by a printed map of the Low Countries showing principal towns and distances between them.


2 volumes