Collection of articles and advertisements relating to discovery and development of penicillin



1/ Issue of Life magazine (v.17,no.3). Includes article (p.57-61) entitled 'Penicillin. Mass production of drug replaces slow laboratory methods to meet military needs and provide a limited civilian supply'

2/ Magazine advertisement, placed by Merck & Co. Inc., manufacturing chemists, Rahway, New Jersey: 'The wonder of penicillin'

3/ Illustrated page from Spanish book or magazine, headed 'Penicilina', briefly outlining its discovery

4/ Information sheet of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, headed 'Evaluating patients for smallpox. Acute generalized vesicular or pustular rash illness protocol'

5/First day cover: 'British Discovery', featuring television (Baird), penicillin (Fleming), radar (Watson-Watt) and the jet engine (Whittle). Envelope contains card bearing details of the stamps and the discoveries issued by the GPO, 1967

7/ Booklet: 'The story of penicillin' by George Lacken. With a foreword by Prof. Sir Alexander Fleming. (50p). Describes the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) in 1928 and its development into a wide serving antibiotic and ‘wonder drug’. Fleming wrote the foreword for the book. It was published in a series devoted to ‘outstanding films’ and may have served as the book of the film 'The Story of Penicillin', 1945.

6/ Information card: 'Antibiotics. Not a miracle cure!' Produced by the Doctor Patient Partnership, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London

8/ Issue of Time magazine (v.43, no.20). Includes article (p.61-68) entitled '20th Century Seer', re Alexander Fleming and the background to, and development of, penicillin May 15, 1944

9/ Reel of 16mm film: 'S.4 The Story of Penicillin'. Supplied by the Film Unit Library, Nobel House, Buckingham Gate, London. With typescript 'commentary'


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