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Ilford Limited

This collection of 87 ledgers dating from about 1893 to 1943 comes from Ilford Limited, the well-known manufactuers of photographic sensitised materials. Ilford Limited developed from Alfred Harman's Britannia Works which was set up to manufacturers photographic gelatin dry plates - a process which had just been discovered. Many other photographic companies were formed in the following decades and a number of these later merged with Ilford Limited.

The ledgers are varied in content and in the manner in which they were kept. Some set out the weekly, monthly and yearly running expenses of the Company involved and others are cash books, records of postage, etc., which deal with the more trivial matters of everyday transactions. Some are wages books while others are private ledgers, showing shareholders, dividends, directors emoluments and, in some cases, their private accounts. In general, without knowing the business involved, it is difficult to ascertain this from these records. None of the books contain information on the processes involved and as such cannot be classified as technological information. They may prove to be of more interest in providing items of social history such as rates of pay of weekly and salaried employees, with occasional references to conditions of employment. The books are all completely handwritten and show many styles of modes of maintaining records and of handwriting. Not all have a clear indication of the company of origin, this having to be ascertained from names appearing in the records.


87 ledgers
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