Records of the Autotype Company (1877-1963) and of the Sawyer family (1830-1904)

Autotype Company

The core of the collection is a group of records of production at the Autotype Works, Ealing, covering the years 1877-1938. Some of these volumes give daily records of the weights of gelatine used, with additional notes on manufacturing methods and drying times. Other volumes record the ingredients used in each of the batches of pigment, or cover the work to be done each day in the factory. The remaining company records include a volume of stock records (1982-1894) and items relating to company projects during World War II. Other materials include partnership agreements, property leases, letters patent and patent licences relating to Autotype Printing and Publishing and the Autotype Fine Art companies.

In addition to the company records transferred in 1977 there are a bundle of private papers of the Sawyer family, ranging from 1830 to 1904. These include a marriage certificate, diaries and correspondence.


14 boxes
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