Independent Broadcasting Authority Archive

Independent Broadcasting Authority

This archive relates to the corporate history of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), formerly the Independent Television Authority (ITA), from 1954-1990. It includes documents relating to brand development, photographs of chairmen and corporate events, and objects such as a large mechanical IBA branded seal and IBA branded flags.

The documents relating to brand development include designs for various logos for IBA, ITA, ICA Colour and ITV, documents concerning the use of corporate Arms, as well as IBA branded ephemera.

The photographs in the archive are of corporate events such as ITV’s 21st anniversary banquet, the first ITA Board and Queen Elizabeth II being welcomed to the IBA, and of broadcasting equipment such as the Croydon Transmitter. There are also 8 framed photographs of IBA Chairmen.

There are also slides for ITN presentations such as the “News at Ten”, books of IBA distribution maps and press clippings from the Cable Television Association, and a copy of “Media’s Magic Moments”.


3 bankers boxes, 1 clamshell box, 2 file boxes, two parcels of wrapped materials
Access is given in accordance with the NMeM access policy. Material from this collection is available to researchers through the museum’s Insight facility.
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