Set of 20 interviews on audio cassettes 'Pioneers of Computing'


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Recorded by Christopher Evans for the Science Museum, published by Computer Capacity Management Limited Reading & Hugo Informatics.

Comprises 20 audiocassettes of interviews in two sets, each with accompanying notes. First set: 1. DW Davies 2.K.Zuse 3.J.P Eckert 4. J.W. Forrester 5. T.Kilburn 6. J.Pinkerton 7. F.C. Williams 8. J. W. Mauchly 9. A. D. Booth 10. J. H Wilkinson.

Second set: 11. A. W. Burks 12. S. Ulam 13. H.D. Huskey 14. R. Slutz 15. M.H.A. Newman 16.T. H. Flowers 17. A.W.M.Coombs 18. C.C. Hurd 19. Grace Hopper 20. A. Porter.


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