This series contains stock sheets, each containing a number of images. These sheets would have been sent to prospective purchasers. Some of the sheets have sales listed on the reverse, but these are not comprehensive when compared to the sales ledgers (PAL/4), and were presumably updated each time the stock sheet was sent out. If the rights to an image were sold outright, it was blacked out on the stock sheet. The sales ledgers (PAL/4) can be used to find out which stock sheet an image appeared on.

The earliest sequences contain a wide variety of material, and are not grouped by subject matter. Later sequences were arranged according to subject matter, and the sequences were prefixed with a letter which indicated their content. In many cases, the material on later stock sheets exist only in this form as the individual images have been lost.


Approximately 1500 sheets in seven sequences
Advertising, Industry, Stock Photography, Picture Libraries
Access is given in accordance with the NSMM access policy. Material from this collection is available to researchers through the museum’s Insight facility.