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Photographic Advertising Ltd

This series contains negatives and prints produced by Photographic Advertising Ltd. Over 90% of the material is in the form of negatives only. The negatives are largely whole plate sheet film, however a small amount (around 5%) are on different film formats, taken with more portable cameras. If an image was sold outright by the company, the negative would occasionally be released and so is missing from the collection - however, this is relatively rare.

The largest subject matter in this series are simple portraits of individuals. There are images of individuals or groups in specific leisure or professional contexts: firemen, housewives, office scenes, tennis players. During the war years, there are images of service men and women. Many images were taking in the studios of Photographic Advertising Ltd, and the outline of backdrops can be seen around the edge of some negatives. There is also still life photography. The images in the collection were routinely heavily retouched. Around 20% of the negatives are from a later sequence, taken during the 1960s when the company was in financial difficulty.


15,000 individual images
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