A binder containing reports numbered between 2060 and 2149

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A Collection of Mullard Limited Reports Relating to Semiconductors
Mullard Limited

A binder containing the following reports produced by Mullard Research Laboratories:

- 2060 'An investigation into the noise characteristics of Junction Transistors in grounded emitter connection in the frequency range 7 - 50 Kc/s', 1st July 1954

- 2069 'A Germanium Junction Diode for use in Pulse Circuits', 1st December 1954

- 2092 'Improvements to the Germanium Junction Diode described in report No. 2069', 23rd November 1955

- 2117 'Internal friction of nearly pure single crystals: a survey', 28th September 1956

- 2120 'Visit to U.S.A. June 1956', 5th October 1956

- 2122 'A Study of High Speed Avalanche Transistors', 24th October 1956

- 2125 'A brief survey of the work carried out by the Transistor Application Group during the period October 1954 to October 1956', 23rd November 1956

- 2140 'A stabilised D.C. power supply using transistors', 7th May 1957

- 2141 'Theory of Surface Recombination Phenomena for Large Potential Differences between Surface and Bulk', 24th September 1957

- 2149 'An investigation into the Noise Properties of an OC44 and OC45', 22nd July 1957


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