Printed materials related to the Hancock family and the rubber industry

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Hancock Family Collection
James, Frank
Hancock, Thomas
James Lyne Hancock Limited

Printed materials relating to the Hancock family and the rubber industry, including:

- Personal Narrative of the Origin and Progress of the Caoutchouc India-rubber Manfacture in England by Thomas Hancock, with an appendix specifying the 14 patents held by Thomas Hancock and a dedication to J L Hancock dated 1857

- A centenary edition of the above, reprinted by order of the Directors of James Lyne Hancock Limited, 1920

- A5 printed copy of The Life and Work of Thomas Hancock: A lecture given to The Institution of the Rubber Industry by Mr B D Porritt on 3 March 1924, with a 2015 editor's note

- Typed copy of 'The Life and Work of Thomas Hancock' by B D Porritt & H Rogers

- Photocopy of 'The History of the Rubber Industry' by Philip Schidrowtiz and T R Dawson (Institution of the Rubber Industry; 1952)

- 'The Early History of the Rubber Industry' by B D Porritt

- Photocopy of 'The rise of The British Rubber Industry During the Nineteenth Century' by William Woodruff (Liverpool University Press;1958)

- Copy of 'The Age of indian Rubber - A Comic Song'


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