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Papers of the Transport and Road Research Laboratory Relating to skid testing

A folder containing the following reports:

- 'The Structure Evaluation of Existing Pavements from Deflection Studies and the Design of Overlays', Pavement Design Division, March 1973

- 'Outline of the Course', February 1973

- 'Failure Criteria for Pavements-Design Life', February 1973

- 'Measurement of Deflection by Deflection Beam', Pavement Design Division, March 1973

- 'The AASHO Road Test', Pavement Design Division, March 1973

- 'The Soil Foundation and Environmental Factors'

- 'The Design of Concrete Road Pavements', D. Croney, The Concrete Society Technical Paper, 20th September 1967

- 'The Influence of Climatic Factors on the Structural Design of Flexible Pavements', D. Croney and J.N. Bulman, 1972

- 'The Current Design Procedure for Flexible Pavements in Britain', J.V. Leigh and D. Croney, 1972

- 'Availability of Site Investigation Reports for Roads', CEF, January 1972

- 'Full-Scale Pavement Design Experiments', April 1970

- 'Pavement Construction and Design in Great Britain', February 1973

- Emergency Measures: Economy in Use of Fuel and Electricity', W.A. Lewis, November 1973


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