Éclair Cameflex CM3 35mm camera

1946 in France
Eclair Cameflex Standard 35mm camera

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Eclair Cameflex Standard 35mm camera
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Cameflex 35mm cine camera No 614, with 400' magazine, six lenses and various filters in a fitted box, matt box, along with a portapower battery. Cameflex Standard (CM3) 35mm film camera, manufactured by Etablissement Eclair in 1946.

This camera was used by Movietone News who provided newsreels for British cinemas between 1929 and 1979. Known as the Camarette in the United States, the CM3 was It is electrically-driven and can run at speeds between 8 and 48 frames/second, regulated on a tachometer. It has a three-lens turret with CA mount ports. Viewing is through the lens, using a reflex mirror shutter. The shutter is adjustable between 35-200 degrees, marked with an angle scale along the mirror edge. The viewfinder rotates 360 degrees on its axis and is lockable in four 90 degree stages. The 400' coaxial magazine is easily interchangeable.light, making it useful for handheld shots in confined spaces.

The cinematographer Raoul Coutard shot Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 film ‘Breathless’ using an Éclair CM3, but the camera was so noisy that most of the dialogue needed to be re-recorded.


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