Glass and furnace fragments from 16th century glas


Glass and furnace fragments from 16th century glasshouses excavated in west Sussex, Somersbury Wood, Sidney Wood, and Hazelbridge Hanger; consisiting of: a) One piece brown siege brick (light green glaze); b) Three pieces of crucible; c) Two small pieces iridescent glass from Somersbury Wood, in Ewhurst c.1600; d) One piece grey siege brick (light green glaze); e) Two pieces of crucible (one of base and one of rim); f) Three pieces of glass frit (one blue, one green, one blue & green); g) Two pieces of glass (one piece of base & one of neck); h) One stone on brick,, partly glaze covered; i) [Letter i has not been used to avoid confusion with 1]; j) Five pieces 13th century glass (light green); k) Seven pieces 15th century glass (dark green); l) One small piece of 13th century window glass (light green) from Hazelbridge Hanger, nr. Chiddingfold.


Glass Technology
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Winbolt, S.E.