Diesel-hydraulic locomotive, Western Fusilier

1963 in Swindon Works
railway company:
British Railways
BR C-C Diesel-Hydraulic Class 52 No D1023 "Western Fusilier" - 1980.

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BR C-C Diesel-Hydraulic Class 52 No D1023 "Western Fusilier" - 1980.
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Diesel-hydraulic locomotive, British Railways, Class 52 C-C No 1023 "Western Fusilier", built at Swindon in 1963, withdrawn in 1977.

As part of British Rail’s Modernisation Plan, BR commissioned designs for multiple locomotive types. The Class 52s were a group of 74 diesel-hydraulic locomotives built for the Western Region of British Railways between 1961 and 1964. These were exclusively named for the Western Region and therefore the type became generally known as Westerns.

British Rail eventually decided to standardise their locomotives to diesel-electric traction which meant that the diesel-hydraulic Westerns were withdrawn by 1977. Of the 74 Class 52 Westerns built, only seven have been preserved.

Western Fusilier was built in 1963 at Swindon Works and was withdrawn in 1977.


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