"Grenadier Guardsman" locomotive nameplate


Locomotive Nameplate, London Midland & Scottish Railway, "Grenadier Guardsman", ex Royal Scot Class, No. 6110/46110, built 1927, rebuilt January 1953, scrapped February 1964.

This nameplate was assigned by the LMS to engine 6110 of the Royal Scot Class. This locomotive was built in 1927 and scrapped in 1964. During service with BR it ran under the number 46110 and in 1953 underwent a rebuilding.

The regiment for which it was named is one of the oldest and proudest in the British Army.

The regiment was formed as the Royal Regiment of Guards by the then exiled Charles II in 1656. The name was later changed to the First Regiment of Foot Guards. In recognition for action against the French at Waterloo, where the Regiment defeated the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard it was given the title of The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards. It is therefore the only regiment in the British Army to use a battle honour within its name.

Since its formation the Grenadiers has served in almost every major action of the British Army. Their battle honours range from Blenheim in 1704 through to Wadi-al-Batin in 1991.


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