Trespass notice, Kent & East Sussex Railway

Notice, enamel, Kent & East Sussex Railway, 'Public Notice not to trespass', black letters on white background

This somewhat wordy notice warns potential trespassers of the consequences of trespassing on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. It also offers a reward to anyone providing information on potential vandals caught defacing the notice.

It reads:

The Kent & East Sussex Railway (Amendment) Order, 1917 (Section 8) provides that any person who shall trespass upon any of the lines of the Railway shall on conviction be liable to a penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings, and the provisions of the Railway Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, with respect to the recovery of damages not specially provided for and of penalties and to the determination of any other matters referred to justices, shall apply.

Any person or persons damaging or removing any portion of the Company's property will be rigorously prosecuted.

£1 Reward to any person informing as to defacing of notice by any other person.

Penalty for destroying or defacing this notice, Five Pounds.


Railway Infrastructure
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