Notice, London & North Western and Lancashire & Yorkshire Railways

Cast iron sign, LNW & LYR, Notice regarding mechanically driven capstans, white letters on black background

NOTICE - Mechanically Driven Capstans.

1) Only persons duly authorised must work these capstans.

2) Before putting any capstan in motion, Warning must be given to all men working in the immediate neighbourhood, and such warning must be acknowledged by them.

3) The capstan man must not attempt to draw more than 8 loaded or 14 empty wagons at one time.

4) Great care must be exercised in drawing wagons towards the capstan, to see that the working is so regulated as to prevent the hook flying off as it leaves the wagon.

5) The ropes when not in use must be left clear of the capstans railway lines, and cart roads.


Railway Infrastructure
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warning sign
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