newhaven harbour co bridge byelaws notice


Notice, wooden, Newhaven Harbour Co., Byelaws relating to the new bridge at Newhaven, 1867.

The Newhaven Harbour Company had some very specific and serious bye-laws relating to their new bridge. For one, anyone travelling over the bridge "at any other than a very moderate pace" was in for a fine of forty shillings.

If anyone used the bridge after the gates were shut they could see themselve on the receiving end of a fine of five pounds - this is around £500 in today's money.

"Notice is hereby given. That the undermentioned Bye-Laws in reference to the New Bridge at Newhaven have been allowed & confirmed at the adjourned Quarter Sessions of the Peace, holden at Lewes, in the County of Sussex, on the 24th Day of July 1867, and will be enforced by the Company"


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