Model British Rail Open Second carriage

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Model railway carriage, Gauge 1, British Rail Mark II Second Class Open Carriage, blue and grey livery, sectioned, in perspex case.

This sectioned model shows the interior of a British Rail Mark II Second Class Open Carriage.

British Rail Mark II coaches were the second design of coaches under the nationalised railway service. The BR Modernisation Plan had promised to make passenger comfort a priority on its new carriages, and prototypes to replace the Mark I’s had been in development as early as 1955. It was not until 1964 that the new Mark II carriages entered production.

BR wanted the carriages to look modern, and to continue to look so even as their working life wore on. This model shows the interior of the carriage, which could seat 64 people in both smoking and non-smoking compartments.


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model railway carriage
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