'Longmoor' Locomotive

1944 in Glasgow

1:8 scale model of War Department Austerity type 2-10-0 locomotive "Longmoor", built by North British Locomotive Co. for use in Europe, 1944.

The War Department Austerity 2-10-0 type locomotives were commissioned for war service and were built by the North British Locomotive Company. To minimise the labour requirements and decrease manufacturing times, each component was designed for simplicity. The design of these locomotives is similar to the Austerity 2-8-0 locomotives, but enlarged.

This is a model of the 1000th British built locomotive to be ferried to Europe by the allied forces since operations re-opened in France during the Second World War. It was shipped to the continent through the port of Dover on 9th May, 1945.

This wartime type of 2-10-0 was designed by R A Riddles with the express purpose of operating it originally in the United Kingdom, and later in Europe.


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