Poster, British Railways, Ride It by Rail, 1982. Photolithograph featuring a man and two children with bicycles on a station platform. In the background is a British Rail train. The man is pointing and the children, a boy and a girl, are smiling. Inset at the bottom right corner is television personality Jimmy Savile. The accompanying text reads "Ride it by rail. Take off, take your bike and take the train. For full details pick up a leaflet at this station. This is the age of the train." Next to the text is the British Rail double arrow logo. Text in the bottom left margin reads "Published by Central Advertising Services (BRB). Printed in Great Britain by London Lithographic Ltd. P699B1082". The man in the main photograph is Sir George Young, then Conservative Member of Parliament for Ealing Acton and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Environment. Format double royal.


Railway Posters, Notices & Handbills
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British Rail, Records Office