Half-price train travel for anyone under 24

1983 in London
British Railways
London Lithographic Limited

Poster, British Railways, Half Price Train Travel for Anyone under 24, 1983. Coloured lithograph depicting a cartoon of television personality Jimmy Savile, dressed in a blue tracksuit with the British Rail logo, with four young people, two men and two women. One of the men is dressed in a suit and tie, and one of the woman wears a dress. The other two are fashionably dressed, and the woman has dyed green hair and is wearing sunglasses and eating an ice cream. There is an illustration of a young person's railcard dated 27th June 1984, with text describing the terms and conditions. Below the British Rail double arrow logo, additional text reads "Save pounds with a young person's railcard. If you're under 24 you'll know why this is the age of the train". Text at bottom reads "Published by Central Advertising Services (BRB). Printed in England by London Lithographic Limited. P00350/783".


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British Rail, Records Office