2 cylinder motor car with hot tube ignition

1897-1899 in Coventry
Motor Manufacturing Company

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Daimler, 2 cylinder motor car with hot tube ignition, built by the Motor Manufacturing Company, 1897-1899. The Daimler engine patents, which were of fundamental importance in the early development of the motor car, were exploited in England, not only by the Daimler Motor Co. Ltd. but also, under licence, by the Motor Manufacturing Company. This motor car was produced by this firm and closely follows Daimler practice of that time. It has a two-cylinder engine with chain drive from a counter-shaft to sprocket on wheels on both sides of the rear axle. A cone-type clutch is used. The gears give three speeds forward and three speeds in reverse. The cooling radiator is under the body at the rear and the wheels are fitted with pneumatic tyres.


Road Transport
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private car
Major G.W.G. Allen.