Ford 22 h.p. model-T motor car engine, sectioned, mounted on stand

1915-1925 in England, Detroit, Michigan, United States, Dagenham and London

Ford 22 h.p. model T motor car engine c.1920, sectioned, on metal stand.

Ford Model T motor car engine about 1920. Henry Ford (1863-1947) introduced the Ford Model T motor car in 1908. Made in Detroit, USA , using mass production techniques, it was made affordable for far more people than ever before, making the motor car an 'every day item' rather that the preserve of the relatively wealthy. By 1915, a tourer cost half the price it was when first introduced. Simple, durable, easy to maintain, and cheap, the Model T engine remained essentially unchanged from its introduction until the Model T was replaced by the Model A in 1927. It was a four cylinder, 2.9 litre, 20 hp side-valve engine which gave the car a maximum speed of 40 mph. Its virtues, plus readily available spare parts, meant that it was used as a power plant for specialist vehicles and applications. Such was the utility of the engine that it continued in production for marine and industrial use until 1931, and thence in batch production until 1941.


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