D.K.R Capella Motor Scooter

1961 in Wolverhampton

D.K.R. Capella motor scooter, 1961. Due to traffic congestion, high fuel costs and inadequate parking the motor scooter was becoming increasingly popular in Europe in the late 1950s. D.K.R Scooters Ltd started producing scooters in 1957, and in 1961 they brought out the Capella. The Capella was given a new style and body work and replaced most of DKR’s other models. The Capella’s basic design is typical of many of the scooters being produced in the 1960s while scooters and mopeds were reaching their peak of popularity. The growing scooter culture is illustrated by the production of the ‘Scooter Weekly’ supplement to the magazine ‘Motorcycling’. The Capella ran for five years until DKR Scooters ceased production in 1966.


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