Model of a Rolls-Royce 'Silver Ghost' motor car


Model of Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 6 cylinder 40-50 h.p. motor car, 1907-1911.

This is a model of the Rolls-Royce motor car, the 'Silver Ghost'. In 1907, the prototype completed a reliability trial travelling 14,000 miles without any mechanical trouble and needing only £2 worth of replacement parts at the end of the run. This was an outstanding achievement for that time, and helped Rolls-Royce establish their reputation as makers of 'the best car in the world'. Rolls-Royce motor cars were renowned for running quietly and smoothly, as the name given to the prototype, the 'Silver Ghost', was intended to suggest. The 'Silver Ghost' became one of the company's great successes, and was produced until 1925. The Science Museum had been impressed by a model of the 'Silver Ghost' made for the Royal Automobile Club and when Rolls-Royce heard of the Museum's interest they offered to provide the Museum with another model. In 1911 the newly completed model, made by Braun and Company of King's Cross, was described by The Auto magazine as 'one of the most beautiful models ever produced', and 'well worthy of a place amongst the best work in our National Museum.'


Road Transport
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1911-77 Pt1
model - representation
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