model of brandreth's cycloped


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Model of Brandreth's horse powered "Cycloped", scale 1:6, entered for the Rainhill Trials 1829, presented by Admiral Sir T. Brandreth in 1894.

This model shows the machine patented in 1829 by T S Brandreth and entered for competition in the Rainhill trials, the competition held to determine the source of motive power for the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.

Cycloped was a kind of horse velocipede intended for use on the railways, but as the speed attained was only six miles per hour the device was abandoned. With its horse the Cycloped weighed 3 tons, so that in proportion to the power it generated it was very heavy, requiring much more than one horse-power to drive at any considerable speed.

The machine was carried on four flanged wheels which were driven by the platform upon which the horse walked.


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