Model of Norris 4-2-0 locomotive 'Austria'

1843 in Vienna
Philipp Wolf

Model, scale 1:6, of Norris 4-2-0 locomotive "Austria", 1843, with tender.

This is a model of an Austrian locomotive. William Norris of Philadelphia, USA, produced this design of locomotive in 1837 for working railway lines with steep inclines and sharp curves. These locomotives were used by the Austrian railways when they began in 1838, and many were subsequently built at Vienna. Britain imported seventeen engines from the USA between 1839 and 1842 for working the Lickey Incline on the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway. British companies built another nine engines. Philipp Wolf of Vienna made this model in 1843, which is to scale 1:6. Prince Lichtenstein of Vienna, a coal-mine owner, originally owned it for the amusement of his children. The Prince employed a Mr. Devignes as his colliery manager and, in due course when Devignes retired, the Prince gave the model to him. Devignes then returned to England and brought it back with him. After his death in 1880 it passed through several owners before being purchased by the Science Museum in 1902, when it was overhauled and repainted.


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overall: 29.4488 x 20.6693 x 64.5669 in.; 748 x 525 x 1640 mm
locomotive and models
J. Pattison