EKCO type TSC48 12-inch console TV/radio receiver, 1947

E K Cole Limited

EKCO type TSC48 12-inch console TV/radio receiver, 1947. The ECKO TSC48 is a 12" 405-Line television receiver with a single channel VHF GB band I TRF tuner, viewed via a mirror in its lid. It also came with a built-in pre-set broadcast radio receiver. The television and radio receivers are contained in a walnut-veneered cabinet. The cabinet lid hinges down to hide the mirror and screen when not in use.

The EKCO type TSC48 TV/radio receiver was one of only two ‘mirror-lid’ televisions made after the Second World War – the other model being the TS46. When cathode-ray-tube (CRT) televisions were made at the start of electronic television in 1936, the largest CRTs (12”) had very long necks and so to reduce the width of the cabinets the CRTs were mounted vertically and the image was viewed on a front silvered mirror mounted at 45 degrees. Rapid advances in technology led to the manufacture of tubes with much shorter necks and eliminating the need to mount them vertically.

The EKCO type TSC48 originally sold for £141 15s. 7d. including £26+ of government TV purchase tax, a significant investment and so did not sell in large numbers.


Radio Communication
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bakelite and walnut
television and radio receiver
Burney, D.