Ekco T345 television receiver, c.1958

E K Cole Limited

Ekco T345 17-inch 405-line television receiver, c. 1958

The Ekco T345 is a 17 inch, 405-line, semi-portable television receiver. It has no mains transformer, making it lighter and more compact. Ekco (E K Cole Ltd), named after its founder Eric Kirkham Cole, began as a manufacturer of radio sets in 1924. During World War II (1939-1945), the company specialised in developing radar systems for the government, only becoming a leading producer of television sets after the war. By the early 1960s more families than ever before had a television in their homes, and there were over 15 million sets in Britain.

The EKCO company was a British electronics company from 1924 to 1960 and was named after its founder Eric Kirkham Cole. They first made radio receivers and later expanded into television receivers and other electronic goods. In 1960, EKCO merged with Pye to form a new company, British Electronic Industries Ltd.


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