EKCO A22 radio receiver, 1946

E K Cole Limited

EKCO A22 AC mains radio receiver, 1946. With circular black Bakelite cabinet.

The A22 was the last of the ‘round radio’ Art Deco design from the innovative British radio manufacturer EKCO. The ‘round radio’ series was designed by Wells Coates, a modernist and Canadian architect and furniture designer living in the UK, and began with the AD65 model in 1934. The A22 followed a similar pattern to many previous EKCO radios, although significantly updated for post-war production and usage including a much larger dial, making it easier to locate the required section of the dial for a particular station. The A22 is a three-band radio capable of receiving short, medium and long wave radio stations.

The EKCO company was a British electronics company from 1924 to 1960 and was named after its founder Eric Kirkham Cole. They first made radio receivers and later expanded into television receivers and other electronic goods. In 1960, EKCO merged with Pye to form a new company, British Electronic Industries Ltd.


Radio Communication
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