Hermes Ambassador typewriter

1960 in Switzerland
Hermes Ambassador typewriter, circa 1960, (made in Switzerland)

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Hermes Ambassador typewriter, circa 1960, (made in Switzerland)
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Hermes Ambassador typewriter, c. 1960, made in Switzerland.

Electric typewriter of the typebar frontstrike class made by Paillard S.A. of Yverdon in Switzerland. The Paillard company began making typewriters under the Hermes name in 1923. The Ambassador manual typewriter was introduced in 1948 and the Ambassador Electric in 1959. The electric carriage of the latter Ambassador was designed by Giuseppe Prezioso, considered one of the great typewriter designers whose careers spanned from the Second World War and into the 1960s.

The Ambassador was designed to make crisp, distinguished work of any and all jobs a manual typewriter could be asked to perform. It had the most complete features of office typewriters of this type and was designed to be used in an office with a heavy typing load.


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