Scale model of Koenig and Bauer's stop cylinder printing press

1905 in London

1:6 scale model of Koenig and Bauer's stop cylinder printing press size no 10b, made by Hunters Limited, Fleet Street, London in 1905. The original Koenig and Bauer's printing press on which the model was scaled was 52" x 35.5" in size and weighed 6.75 tonnes, with details provided in an 1897 Koenig and Bauer catalogue.

This is a model of a later form of Koenig's original flat bed cylinder machine made in 1811 and which "the Times" was first printed using power in 1814. An adapted and improved form of this printing press was very commonly used in German and elsewhere until the early twentieth century.

It comprises the 'sun and planet' gearing mechanism which relieves the strain upon the frame of the machine. This was caused by the constant backward and forward motion of the heavy 'bed', laden, as it was when in use, with heavy iron chases containing a mass of lead type. This 1:6 scale model was made by Messrs. Hunters Ltd. of Fleet Street, under the direction of Koenig and Bauer. The Science Museum purchased it in 1905 for the princely sum of £55 sterling.


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