Royal 10 typewriter, 1920

Royal typewriter, No. 10, c. 1923 (manufacturer's No. X561255)

Royal typewriter, No. 10, c. 1923 (manufacturer's No. X561255)
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Royal 10 typewriter, 1920. Manufacturer's No. X561255.

Royal 10 typewriter was an exemplar and popular desktop typewriter, made largely unchanged apart from cosmetic changes from c.1914 to 1931. The Royal 10 was introduced in late 1913/ early 1914 with initial models having open side panels from late 1915 onwards two bevelled glass panels on either side of the machine so as to display the intricate mechanics. In 1923, the two bevelled glass panels were replaced by single glass bevels on either side.

The Royal 10 was marketed as being the sturdiest and strongest typewriter around. To underline the point, in 1927 the Royal Typewriter Company purchased a small airplane to deliver typewriters and demonstrate their durability. Nearly 11,000 machines were dropped in crates with little parachutes, and only 10 were damaged.


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