model of Ancient Roman plough

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Model of Ancient Roman plough, used in the time of Virgil

Model of Roman Plough

This is a representative type of the implement in use prior to the Christian Era, some of which may still be in use in the less developed countries. The early farming tools were often constructed from a suitably shaped branch of a tree, probably fitted with an ox-horn. These ploughs are unable to turn a furrow slice, but stirred the soil in a manner resembling the modern cultivator tine.

An interesting feature of this plough is the two fixed piece of wood which form mouldboards or ears and make a good broad furrow. It is an early attempt at an ridging plough and was used when ploughing the ground just prior to seeding.


Agricultural Engineering
Object Number:
copper (metal) and wood (unidentified)
overall (as displayed): 75 mm x 250 mm x 70 mm, 0.022 kg
model - representation
  • visual and verbal communication
Steinmetz, Mrs. B.M.; Steinmetz, Major A.S.B.