Working model Ferguson tractor, c. 1945

c. 1945

Working model Ferguson tractor, c. 1945 with single - furrow wheeled plough, and single - furrow mounted plough, Scale approx 1:10 complete with black wooden container.

This is a model of a Ferguson tractor with wheeled and mounted ploughs. Harry Ferguson's tractors were notable for the so-called 'Ferguson System'. This design used soil resistance and relatively heavy implements to add extra weight for traction and stability in the front. Ferguson tractors were therefore smaller, cheaper to buy and more economical to run than their competitors. This metal model was made at about 1:20 scale. It was supplied to Ferguson dealerships, where potential customers were offered extensive explanations of the principle of the Ferguson system. In 1949, Airfix made a plastic version of the Ferguson tractor as its very first kit.


Agricultural Engineering
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model - representation
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Mrs. Prudence Cousens