International Harvester Mogul tractor, 1913-1918.

'Mogul' 12/25 hp agricultural tractor on steel straked wheels, by International Harvester Corporation Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1913-1918. Engine: Serial No. F 1639, 2-cylinder horizontally opposed distillate/gasoline (petrol)/kerosene, 'round' head. A more powerful tractor than the Mogul 8/16 (see also caption for this tractor), only 1,599 were made in the five years of production; and only a few came over to Britain to help the Ministry of Food Production in its war effort. One issue was that American tractors of the day had a relatively low power for their overall weight, and while this was not as problematic on the drier soils of the USA, the wetter soils of Britain provided a greater challenge. The larger the tractor the greater the problem tended to be.


Agricultural Engineering
Object Number:
complete and metal (unknown)
overall: 2400 x 2100 x 4400 mm
farming and tractors
Smith, Frank A.