Model, of a South Pacific whale boat

Model of a South Sea Whale boat South Sea Sewn Boat

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Model of a South Sea Whale boat South Sea Sewn Boat
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Model of a South Sea Whaling boat. South Sea Sewn Boat. Scale 1:12.

The bow is covered in for a distance of a few feet, forming a platform, through which project two wooden posts; the foremost post is called the “hun bollard head,” and on it the harpoon gun is mounted, while round the other the whale line is run on its way to a pulley in the stern. On the port bow is a small tub, in which is coiled part of the whale line, the remainder being stowed further aft.

The boat is manned by five men and a coxswain who steers the boat with a sweep working on a thole-pin and grummet. The bow oarsmen acts as harpooner and is in charge of the boat, while the stroke oar manages the line.

The dimensions of the boat represented are: length 30.5ft, breadth 5ft and depth 2ft.


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