Nuclear powered attack submarine, HMS 'Swiftsure'

1971 in Hampshire

Model, ‘cut-away’, on starboard side, of H.M. Submarine (Nuclear Powered) of H.M.S. ‘Swiftsure’, by Paul Bowers, Hampshire, England, 1971

Whole model, with starboard side cut away, of the nuclear powered submarine H.M.S. 'Swiftsure' 1971.

The Swiftsure was a hunter-killer or SSN submarine - a conventional attack vessel powered by a nuclear reactor. Commissioned in 1973 as the first of a new class of the same name, she remained in service until 1996. She displaced 4900 tonnes when submerged, and was equipped with torpedoes and anti-aircraft missiles.

This model, built to a scale of 1:96, was constructed specially for the Science Museum. It is a cutaway longitudinal section showing the starboard side. Details of all major compartments are displayed, although the reactor is not shown. Despite the closest attention to accuracy, several details were still classified at the time of construction and could not be included.


Object Number:
F. Bowers