Swatch 'Access' quartz wristwatch with analogue display, 1997.

1997 in Switzerland

Swatch 'Access' quartz wrist watch with analogue display, in transparent plastic case with transparent plastic strap, with facility for storing electronic authorization for using ski lifts etc., patented, water resistant, Swiss made in 1997, marked '01013156', and 'S 650', with original rigid display case.

This Swiss-made water-resistant wristwatch with transparent plastic case and strap has the facility for storing electronic authorisation for using ski lifts etc. Swatch watches, first sold in the early 1980s, were the response of the Swiss wristwatch industry to massive competition from quartz watch manufacturers in the Far East. Swatch watches were high-fashion items that were aggressively marketed, and their immense popularity led to the salvation of the Swiss watch industry.


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quartz analogue wristwatches and wristwatches
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Display case, for quartz wrist watch: Swatch 'Access'

Display case, for quartz wrist watch: Swatch 'Access'

Rigid plastic display case for Swatch 'Access' quartz wrist watch.

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1997-658 Pt2
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