Brass model of power loom (scale 1:4) with improved tappet plates

1870-1880 in England
Bennet Woodcroft

Brass model of power loom (scale 1:4) with improved tappet plates, patentee Bennet Woodcroft, England, 1870-1880.

This model of a power loom bears many similarities to the loom of 1838 displayed earlier in the models sequence. However, a steady stream of improvements produced looms of far greater versatility and performance. By the time this model was made, mechanised weaving had replaced hand looms in all the major branches of the textile industry, even for higher quality fabrics. The model was made to a scale of about 1:4. The brass frame gives it a distinctive appearance, but the full-size machine would have used an iron frame.

The improvement in this Jacquard type machine consists in its being constructed so as to depress some warp threads as much as it elevates others; whereas in the Jacquard machine none of the warp threads were depressed.


Textiles Machinery
Object Number:
brass and wood
overall: 18.1102 x 13.3858 x 21.063 in.; 460 x 340 x 535 mm
power loom and model
Bennet Woodcroft Bequest