Working model of horizontal double-cylinder, steam fire engine

c. 1885
Thomas Coates

Working model of horizontal double-cylinder, steam fire engine, scale 1:4.8.

Working model of horizontal double-cylinder Shand Mason steam fire engine. In the nineteenth century, Merryweather and Sons Limited was one of the two leading makers of fire-fighting appliances in Britain. This engine was the type used on docks and other large areas of warehouse property. The delivery hose is stored in the front box, and two lengths of heavy suction hose are carried on each side of the framing. The box seat operates as a tool box and emergency fuel tank. Two coal bunkers are positioned on the footplate. Thomas Coates made this model, to scale 1:4.8. Coates ran a business as an engineering model maker in addition to his daytime job as senior draughtsman for James Watt and Company. The model was made to a high standard of accuracy. It is, in all respects, a complete working machine. The Science Museum purchased the model for display in 1892.


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