Standard model "Pyrene" fire extinguisher

Standard model Pyrene' fire extinguisher, sectioned'

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Standard model Pyrene' fire extinguisher, sectioned'
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Standard model "Pyrene" fire extinguisher, sectioned

Pump-type C.T.C. Fire extinguisher.

The pump of the plump is free to revolve, so that the inlet ports by the action of gravity are always below. The two inlet valves are joined by a sliding rod which closes the upper port and opens the port below the liquid surface. The pump is double-acting and the inlet valves are automatic, the delivery being through the hollow piston rod through ports opened and closed by the piston sliding on the rod. When not in use the pump handle is pushed down and locked in position by giving it a quarter turn. This action also seals the outlet by pressing the delivery pipe against a valve in the handle.


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fire extinguisher
The Pyrene Co. Ltd.