Model of motor driven rolling mill

1907-1931 in Bedford

Model of motor driven rolling mill, for cold rolling strip metal, scale 1:4

This model represents a mill for rolling ferrous or non-ferrous strip metal. The rolls are 8 inches diameter by 12 inches face.

The phosphor-bronze box journals for the roll spindles are fitted in vertical slots, machined in massive castings. The upper roll is adjusted by an overhead handwheel of large diameter, the adjustments being made against calibrated scales, The electric motor, of 20 hp, drives the shaft of the lower roll through reduction gearing in the first gear casing. A pinion on the shaft, meshing with a similar pinion on an upper shaft, drives the upper roll. Both rolls have the usual flexible coupling pieces between the driving shafts and the roll spindles, to permit of roll movement.


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Robertson, W.H.A. and Co.