John Wyke's Lancashire pattern Wheel cutting engine

1801-1900 in Lancashire

Wheel cutting engine, Lancashire pattern. Designed by John Wyke (born 1720, died 1787).

Wheel-cutting engines were developed to increase accuracy and speed of production when cutting toothed wheels for clocks and watches. The pattern of this tool is typical of machines used in Prescot, near Liverpool, which had been an important region for the manufacture of tools and watches from early times. The engine is inscribed 'J&T Jones, Prescot (L W Co Ltd)’, but had earlier been made to the pattern established by John Wyke, perhaps the most significant of all early toolmakers in Lancashire, and the first to publish an illustrated catalogue of his products, which remains a valuable reference work.


Hand and Machine Tools
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wrought iron, brass (copper, zinc alloy) and steel (metal)
wheel cutting
Lancashire Watch Co. Ltd.